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50s Polly Petticoat in White

50s Polly Petticoat in White


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Woo-ha! Go for an extra dramatic effect and wear this 50s Polly Petticoat in White underneath all your swing dresses and skirts!If you like to add an extra accent with a little volume under your dress or skirt, then this puffy petticoat is just perfect! This beauty is made from two layers; an underskirt made from a shiny satin like fabric and a dramatic top layer made from two tiers of tulle, finished off with a playful ruffled edge for that ‚va-va-volume‘ effect! Due to the elastic waistband, she’s also very comfy to wear! If you want that puffy fairy tale dress, don’t settle for less!Suitable for under all of our swing dresses and skirtsElastic waistband

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